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Gold Tube Set Gemstone Rings
  • Gold Tube Set Gemstone Rings

    Unleash the power of simplicity and sophistication with these single 5mm gemstone wonders. Each ring is a celebration of timeless style and modern grace, featuring a  gemstone tube-set in lustrous gold-filled metal. Whether you're stacking them up for a dazzling statement or wearing one as a solo star, they are très chic. They're the perfect blend of minimalist charm and radiant allure, making every gesture an expression of your unique style.


    5mm AA smoky quartz ($87)

    5mm Peridot ($79)


    Please put your desired size in the order comments. 


    Want a specific combo of size and gemstone you don't see hear? Let us know what you want and we would love to make it just for you.  We have more gemstone options and ring stock ready for you! 


      3 mm gold filled bands with 5 mm gemstone set in a gold filled tube setting.   Put your size in the order notes. 

    PriceFrom $79.00
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