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Sterling Silver Chain Maille Earrings with Gemstone Drop
  • Sterling Silver Chain Maille Earrings with Gemstone Drop

    Check out these sterling silver chain maille earrings!  Each pair is made meticulously by hand from nearly two feet of wire. Total hanging length with ear wire is a little over 2 inches.


    Choose Between:

    Round Green Onyx ($65)

    The round shape of the beads reads a little more casual. The local bead store called these  "green onyx",  but this particular lot of beads is much more of a blue-green aqua color, and some have slight striping in them. Regardless, we love the color. 


    Turquoise Triangles ($69)- un-faceted genuine turquoise triangle beads create a classic combination with a twist (get it?) on more traditional silver and turquoise jewelry.


    Faceted Lapis Lazuli Tear Drops ($69) Historically, lapis represents strength, courage, wisdom, intellect and truth. Are you a strong person who wields intellect and truth in your life? These earrings could be your daily reminder of your true amazing real world powers.



    Please note the stone beads are a natural product and may vary slightly in color from those pictured here.


      Hand made sterling silver 18g chain maille graced with various gemstone beads.  Total hanging length is approximately 2-2.25 inches.  Sterling silver ear wires. 


      This item is eligible for return or exchange under the terms of the store policies. 

    PriceFrom $65.00
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