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Sparkling Silver Chain Maille Earrings
  • Sparkling Silver Chain Maille Earrings

    These sparkling sterling silver chain maille earrings are the perfect combination of edgy and feminine. The intricate chain maille design adds a touch of attitude, while the delicate top gemstones and sparkly sterling silver wire add romance and whimsy. 


    Each pair of earrings is made from 2 feet of precious metal wire, and all rings are made by hand. 


    Choose From:

    Pink Tourmaline ($61) is believed to promote feelings of love, compassion, and tenderness, both in oneself and in relationships. 

    Blue Topaz ($88) is the birthstone for December, and is also often worn as a symbol of personal and spiritual growth.

    Peridot ($88) is associated with prosperity and good fortune, and these earrings are made with excellent quality peridot stones. 




      This item is eligible for return or refund in accordance with our policies.

    PriceFrom $63.00
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