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a collection of chain maille gold filled triple knot-style sparkle wire earrings with citrine drops, about 2 inches total len
  • Gold Triple Knot Chain Maille Earrings

    Welcome to some serious sparkle! We craft 14/20 gold-filled sparkle wire into hand made chain maille "knots". Then we and grace the ends with faceted  teardrop gemstones.


    Choose between:

    Yellow Citrine ($79) - triple knot with faceted drop beads, hangs about 2 inches (including ear wire)

    Clear Crystal ($69)- double knot with microfaceted beads, hangs about 1.5 inches (including ear wire)



      This item is eligible for return or exchange in accordance with this shop's policies. 


      14/20 gold filled jewelry wears and looks like solid 14 karat gold! Ear wires are also 14/20 gold filled.

      What does gold filled (GF) mean? Gold, in case you haven't paid attention, is currently crazy expensive.  Gold filled jewelry is a way to enjoy real gold without the associated price tag.  Unlike more cheaply made gold plated jewelry, gold filled jewelry's surface will not wear off with ordinary use, as it is much thicker- it contains 100x the gold of a gold plated item. The term "14/20 gold-filled" means the metal must contain 1/20th real gold in relation to the base metal core.  This ratio looks and wears very much like real solid gold, which is why Fluxweed chooses to use this type of metal. 

    PriceFrom $69.00
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