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brushed brass organic flower shape focal necklace flat lay
  • Grandiflora Brass Necklace

    Behold, the brass variation of our Grandiflora necklace!  The inspiration came from a shape found in vintage 1960s wallpaper, but the result is very "now". The abstracted floral bits are hand sawn from jeweler's brass, lending a modern matte appearance that reads as "gold". Adorable and very wearable.


    This necklace sports an abstracted brushed raw brass floral shape  (about 1.5 inches wide and .75 inches tall),  on an 18 inch long raw brass chain. Total hanging length of about 19 inches with flora shape.  


    Raw brass will naturally patina in time.  If you don't like the patina, you can polish it with a metal polish, like Brasso.   HOT TIP: You can also slow down the patina process by storing your jewelry in a small ziploc or other container that prevents air from circulating.  This is also true for sterling silver. 

    You are viewing Fluxweed Artisan Jewelry's Grandiflora Brass Necklace. Thanks for taking the time to support a small business. 

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