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Silver Flora Statement Earrings
  • Silver Flora Statement Earrings

    Say "yes" to modern statement earrings!  Choose between Grandiflora ($89-larger)  and Petitflora ($75-smaller) depending on your size whim.  (You will find the specific measurements in the product info below.) The inspiration came from a shape found in vintage 1960s wallpaper, but the result is very "now". The abstracted floral bits are hand sawn from brushed sterling silver, lending a modern matte appearance. Long sterling silver wires fasten into a loop behind the flower detail. 


      Made from 100% sterling silver, including wires.

      Grandiflora (larger size): Total hanging length is almost 3.5 inches.  The 20 gauge "flower" is just over 2.25" wide, and about 3/4" at its longest dimension.  Flower shape has a brushed semi-matte finish. 

      Petitflora (smaller size) : Total hanging length is about 2 and 5/8". The 20 guage "flower" is about 1 inch wide and 5/8 inch at its longest dimension. Flower shape has a brushed semi-matte finish.


      This item is eligible for refund or exchange in accordance with shop policies. 

    PriceFrom $75.00
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