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green amethyst drop sterling silver necklace close up flat lay
  • Green Amethyst Drop Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain

    Adorn yourself in style with this stunning, faceted pale green amethyst drop necklace. The stone measures  3/4" of an inch at its widest. Suspended with grace,  this lovely piece of nature dangles from a 17.5" long slender sterling silver rolo chain. 


    Thanks for viewing Fluxweed Artisan Jewelry's Green Amethyst Drop Necklace on a Sterling Silver Chain.  


    Welcome to the  "green amethyst" controversy: What I am calling "green amethyst" here, is heat treated purple amethyst.  I've also seen pale green heat treated amethyst stones referred to as "prasiolite". Technically amethyst is a quartz, so this no-longer-purple-stone is a "green quartz". Except there is a naturally occurring green quartz that we don't want to confuse with the heat treated version. Some people get really bend out of shape about this, but I am not one of them.  No matter what we call this stone, it is a lovely color IMHO. 

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