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a stack of three each brass and sterling silver stack rings displayed on a black bar
  • Hammered Silver or Brass Stack Rings

    Choose sterling silver or brass, or a couple of each! Each stack ring is crafted with care, and the hand-hammered finish lends them an organic texture that is rustic, refined, and surprisingly sparkly. The rings are sanded flat on their tops and bottoms for a truly stackable design.


    Choose to wear them all at once or just one at a time. Fluxweed's creator, Emily, wears five of these on her left middle finger every day. Four silver and one brass.   Classy! 


    Please note it is completely normal for brass to patina over time and it will not be as shiny as it is when it is brand new. 


    On a practical note, a single ring is perfect for holding on a too-large ring that you haven't gotten around to re-sizing. 


    If you would like a size that is not available as an option, just select "other size" and drop us a note at 


      Either 100% Sterling Silver or jeweler's Brass, depending on ring chosen.  Made from 18 gague wire and forged to your size.  Hand hammered texture with flattened bottoms and tops for uniform stacking. 


      This item is eligible for refund or exchange in accordance with the shop's policies. 

    PriceFrom $10.00
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