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Peruvian Opal  Rings
  • Peruvian Opal Rings

    We've set a collection of stunning green-blue Peruvian opals in a 14K gold-filled bezels and mounted it on a variety of pleasing bands. 


    These rings almost always sell out when we do in-person maker markets.  They are hard to resist, with their gorgeous color and irregularly shaped faceted Peruvian opals. 

    Current Choices:
    A. small "round" stone with gold fill bezel and band- size 4-$99
    B. oval stone with gold fill bezel and sterling silver twist band- size 8.5- $125
    C. free form stone with gold fill bezel and sterling band- size 7 - $125
    D. SOLD- I have more similar stones.  Contact me and I will make you one in your size for $119. 


    Just Added: 

    Y:  Larger Teardrop with lots of inclusions,  gold fill band band- size 9- $149

    Z. smaller "round" stone on more narrow gold fill band - Size 9- $125


    Peruvian Opals are a favorite stone. The opals range in color from light to dark blue-green (think colors like a swimming pool in summer).  The opals are beautifully irregular, and have many have little dentrite inclusions.  Rather than being faults, these are integral to the Peruvian Opal's considerable charms. Dendrites are branching mineral crystals that form within the stone in fractal patterns. How cool is that?

    These rings are all one of a kind, but I do have a good stock of unique peruvian opal stones and would be happy to make one in your size with your preferred band style.  Just drop me a line at Prices vary according to stone size and type of band, but will be in the general range of $115-150.


      This item is eligible for return and refund in accordance with shop policies. 

    PriceFrom $99.00
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