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Two sterling silver necklaces with a two part pendant make with a blue sapphire and a pear shaped wild horse agate
  • Blue Sapphire and Wild Horse Agate Pendant Necklaces

    Warning: Only wear this necklace when you are in the mood to recieve attention and compliments. There are two of these stunning sterling silver neckalces currently available.  They are the same except for chain length and closure style.


    Both pendants are made with a pedestal mounted 10x8 mm blue ethical lab-grown sapphire and a 10x25 mm pear shaped Wild Horse agate cabochon.  They are joined with an unusual arrangement of silver rings that are evocative of chain maille.


    The pendants are hung from heavy 100% sterling silver chains with flat "long & short chain". This type of chain mixes flat oval links and smooth round links to create an interesting and satisfyingly slinky necklace.  All metal is sterling silver.  There are of course, slight differences in the Wild Horse agate patterns. In the photo, the shorter chain is pictured on the top and the longer chain on the bottom. 


    Choose between: 

    a) Pendant on 22" chain with hook style clasp-- $219

    b) Pendant on 28" chain with no clasp --$239


    Please remember to add approximately 2" to the total length to account for the pendant.


      These items are eligible for return or exchange under the shop's policies. 

    PriceFrom $219.00
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